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What you should know about PREVENT strategy

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Over recent months the world has seen some horrific terrorist attacks. One of the Government responses to counter terrorism was to devise the PREVENT strategy back in 2011. The aim was to reduce potential threat to the UK, by means of early intervention to stop people becoming radicalised or following extremist ideology.

So what does PREVENT strategy do?

Three main points in the strategy aim to:

  1. Respond to challenge of terrorism and threat.
  2. Prevent people from being drawn into terrorism
  3. Work with sectors to address radicalisation across the internet.

It is important to remember PREVENT is about identifying people at risk before any criminal activity is carried out!

British Values

British Values is increasingly becoming a phrase used in common conversations. The idea is to promote British Values at each possible opportunity. Your duty is to be aware of those at risk of being radicalised and extremism. Individuals who have a secure religious belief and choose to wear religious clothing, follow certain cultural rules, or become more involved in religious instruction are not a threat: consequently we must respect their beliefs and wishes.

Instead we should be on the look out for people who have become extremists or sympathise with them. Extremists are defined as those who have an opposition to British Values, and who want, (or threaten) the death or armed forces.

So what exactly are British Values?

British Values are defined as the moral code we should follow, the standard of behaviour that is deemed necessary.

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect for different faiths, beliefs or those with no faith.
What if I have concerns?

If you have concerns about an individual, first of all you should refer to your organisations safeguarding lead. In addition if you are concerned about some material you have seen online you can report it any time on the Government website here.

Furthermore if you have concerns, that do not pose an immediate risk, call the police on 101 to report your concerns. For immediate threats or if someone is in danger call 999/112.

Get Trained!

As part of our Level 2 Safeguarding for children, young people and adults at risk we cover PREVENT strategy as well as what other legislations you should be aware of.

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