Safeguarding Courses

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Polices are important but it isn’t policy that keeps people safe, people do. Our CPD accredited courses can help guide you. 

Safeguarding Adults - First Aid Training Course

Safeguarding Adults

Every adult has the right to be happy, healthy and to be treated well irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation, culture or gender. Some adults will be in need of additional help and support to live with an illness or disability they may have, these individuals are at increased risk of abuse.

Anyone working with adults or who has a duty of care for them such as in prisons, care or residential homes, domiciliary care workers, those working in community centres or within the NHS may have a duty of care. You could be caring for a family member at home or volunteering with vulnerable adults.

This safeguarding course will give you the information you need to ensure you are working within safeguarding legislations, help you identify the types of abuse and any possible signs and symptoms as well as identifying how you should report suspected abuse.

Certified by: CPD

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Safeguarding Children - First Aid Training Course

Safeguarding Children

The majority of children will be brought up in caring, loving, safe homes and will be nurtured to grow and develop into secure, happy and well rounded adults. However for some children this isn’t always the case.

For those who may be experiencing abuse it is vital you are are able to recognise the signs and symptoms of possible abuse and know what action to take in order to prevent further harm. This course is ideal for those working with children, or those with a duty of care.

Certified by: CPD

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